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Sponsored By: St. Cloud Boys Lacrosse Booster Club

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Jennifer Jacobson

Vice-President/Fund Raising

Shannon Avenson​




Mission Statement: The St. Cloud Boys Lacrosse Booster Club is formed to promote, foster, and perpetuate the game of Lacrosse for kids from youth through high school age.  It shall be the mission of the St. Cloud Boys Lacrosse Booster Club to educate, provide service, promote, and stimulate interest in the game of lacrosse at a recreational through competitive level.

Essential to our mission:  Attract, develop, and retain people of the highest character and confidence.  Provide creative services to keep pace with the ever-changing needs of our players and coaches. To this end, the Booster Club is dedicated to providing the finest and most efficient service of which it is capable; to conduct its affairs in such a manner as to ensure a sound and fiscally responsible operation; and to contribute, by every means at its command, to the continuing growth and wellbeing of the organization and those it serves.

Vision:  The Booster Club believes that local lacrosse organizations play a fundamental role in the on-going evolution of Lacrosse in the United States.  We take that role seriously and will endeavor to provide quality programs and resources that move motivated players along in their development.  At the same time, the Booster Club understands that children participate in Lacrosse for a variety of reasons and we have a duty to the community to offer programs that encourage, excite, and energize every player, regardless of ability. We recognize that the most important aspect of youth sports is the opportunity to teach important life-lessons learned through teamwork, effort, responsibility, and commitment.

Philosophy:  The Booster Club believes that local lacrosse organizations play a fundamental role in the on-going evolution of Lacrosse in the United States. The Booster Club also understands that children learn from, and are influenced by, the adults involved in our organization.  Therefore, we demand the highest standard of behavior from every board member, director, staff member, coach, and volunteer.  An emphasis on parent and fan behavior is also important.  We all must model patience, sportsmanship, and accountability for our children.